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Crown in the Jewell

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The Crown in the Jewell 2014 part of MoreART festival

The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins (BOO)

Post it BOO sq

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Curatorial project at Blindeside ARI, Melbourne, January 2017

Artbox at the Alderman


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And how happy a time 2016
biro on paper | A4 sheets pinned with paperclips

Group Shows


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Things I'd wished I'd known 2010
powder-coated steel sculpture|Westspace ARI| Curated by Kelly Fliedner

Ways and Means
The red and the blue

with Vin Ryan at Westspace

The red and the blue

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The red and the blue detail of Ways and Means collaboration with Vin Ryan dimensions variable

Le Coq
Counihan Gallery, Brunswick


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Tabarin 2011-2012 pen on paper 160cm x 150cm

Some works on paper

Assisi now 2

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Assisi Now 2011
pen on paper | 160 cm x 120 cm

Le Coq- France

Untitled installation (Coq off) 2011

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Untitled installation (Coq off) 2011 steel, power and telecommunications cable, cushion, stool, board, acrylic and graphite | dimensions variable

Ways and Means-

“Made any Swans(?)”

with Aaron Carter and Jen Barber

Made any Swans(?) 2010

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Made any Swans(?) 2010 Mixed media collaborative drawing project
Artists- Aaron Carter, Jen Barber and Benjamin Sheppard

Lines in space

Accidentally Apt (After Creed) 2010

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Accidentally Apt (After Creed) 2010
powder-coated steel | 130 cm spherical approx